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Effective change through effective partnership

Advocacy Aid operates as an association of partnered skills and expertise.

Collaboration, in other words, is our key philosophy. Depending on the requirements of specific projects, we draw on the talents of a retinue of external associates from South Africa or further afield, be they individuals, groups or organisations. In this way we can ensure that we always field the best team to do the best job.

Patricia Martin is the core member of Advocacy Aid.

Patricia Martin

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Patricia Martin was the national director of an alliance of more than a thousand civil society organisations in the children’s sector in South Africa. Today she continues to work to improve the comprehensive well-being of vulnerable children through policy and legislative research, review and advocacy.

An admitted attorney with a Master's degree in Public Law, she has focused her energies on addressing the holistic needs of children living in poverty, children affected by HIV and AIDS, and young children (0-9 years) in South Africa and the SADC region at large.

In this regard, Patricia has managed, as well as participated in, numerous projects that encompassed research, policy reviews, monitoring the implementation of policies and laws, developing submissions and commentaries, and facilitating dialogue between role players in both government and civil society.

Her principal skills and experience lie in the following areas:

  • policy analysis, policy formulation, and advocacy for comprehensive integrated solutions that advance the rights and needs of vulnerable children in South Africa and southern Africa;
  • research and monitoring;
  • knowledge transfer, capacity-building and developing training material;
  • consultation with senior government and civil society representatives; and,
  • developing and coordinating strategic alliance and network structures.

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