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Parliament on mission to boost public participation

Parliament has published notice of its intent to develop a Public Participation Framework to enhance public participation in its work. It would like to deepen and broaden public participation to include more public in meaningful dialogue around policy and legislative matters, especially among the most marginalised groups in South Africa.

Parliament has called for public input to aid it in the development of the Public Participation Framework. It is seeking inputs specifically on: how public participation can be deepened and made even more meaningful; how the voices of people with limited resources can be heard and taken into account; and how the strategies and processes around public participation can be improved to ensure Parliament and the Legislature are even more accountable to the people.

According to the notice of intent, “This offers an ideal opportunity for the development and adoption by Parliament of a Public Participation Framework that respects, protects and promotes the meaningful and systemic participation of critical stakeholders most often excluded from policy and legislative dialogue, including (1) children (including young children) and their caregivers; (2) people living in rural areas and other areas that are far from law making venues; (3) children, women and other people living with disabilities; (4) women living with HIV and AIDS.

“The various sectors are encouraged to develop and submit submissions as to how these groups can be systematically and meaningfully included and prioritised in the national Public Participation Framework.”

Comments must be address to: Public Participation Framework Submissions, Parliament, PO Box 2164, Cape Town, 8000, or by e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..