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SAHRC equality report tackles ongoing discrimination

The SAHRC has published its 2012 Equality Report, “Commentaries on Equality: Race, Gender, Disability and LGBTI Issues”. The report examines the status of the right to substantive equality for especially marginalised groups of people in South Africa – with a focus on equality of results and equality of opportunity.

The report highlights the ongoing realities of discrimination faced by people in South Africa, based on their race, gender, disability and sexual orientation, and makes a number of recommendations, reported below.

On racism: anti-racism policies should be institutionalised across the public, private and business spheres of South Africa.

On gender: the National Gender Machinery and the institutional capacity at the Commission for Gender Equality should be strengthened, and efforts should be coordinated to strengthen the protection and implementation of the Employment Equity Act.

On disability: numerical goals should be set for employment of people with disabilities and policy attention should address the inequities faced by disabled youth.

On the rights of lesbian, gay and bisexual people: stigma and discrimination must be challenged institutionally and a well-funded and supported LGBTI sector should be developed.


Click here to view the SAHRC report.