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Presidency releases draft youth development strategy for comment

The Presidency has published a draft integrated Youth Development Strategy for public comment in Government Gazette Number 35146 on 28 March 2012. The strategy aims to provide a unifying framework for collective action for address the following problems experienced by South African youth: poor economic participation; low levels of education and skills; poor health and well-being; low levels of civic participation; and the poor coordination, and lack of recognition, of youth work as a profession.

The strategy thus has dedicated chapters dealing with: economic participation; education and skills development; health and well-being; social cohesion; sports and recreation; and youth work.

The vision of the Strategy is that South Africa youth are empowered economically and socially and are globally competitive. The mission is the accelerated attainment of sustainable livelihoods and global competitiveness through mainstreamed and integrated youth development.

The Strategy identifies and calls for prioritisation of certain groups of youth who are made more vulnerable due to intersecting equalities and adverse circumstances, including: unemployed youth; young women who suffer the highest levels of under-education, lack of skills, unemployment, HIV an Aids infection and violence and abuse; youth in rural areas; youth with disabilities; school-aged out-of-school youth; youth affected by HIV and AIDS;  youth heading households; and youth in conflict with the law.


Click here to view Part 1 and Part II of the Strategy.