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World Bank publishes the third South African Economic Update

The World Bank has published an updated economic report on South Africa which focuses on inequality of opportunity for children and access to employment. The objective of the report is to spur debate to move our policies closer towards attaining equality of opportunity for every individual in the country. ...

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Where to after 2015?

Where to after 2015? This is a question that was asked at a roundtable meeting hosted in mid-July 2012 by Young Lives, Save the Children UK and UNICEF in London. The purpose of the meeting was to consider the implications of research evidence on inequality and children’s development and whether and how inequality should be addressed in the post-2015 framework. The policy priority areas considered during the meeting included food security (especially in relation to price volatility and ...

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Minister for DWCPD’S 2012 budget speech

The Minister for Women, Children and People with Disabilities presented her budget vote speech to Parliament on 11 May 2012. The Minister commenced with a reiteration of the department’s mandate, which is “to ensure the mainstreaming of gender, children’s rights and disability considerations into all programmes of government and other sectors”. ...

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