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UNESCO releases study on ECD indicators

UNESCO has published “The Review of Policy and Planning Indicators in Early Childhood”. The report documents a study of ECD indicators.

The objectives of the study were to:

  • Identify enabling environments that are critical to ensuring the provision of comprehensive services to young children.
  • Identify and address the challenges in developing monitoring tools for assessing ECCE policies and programme development.
  • Consider how cross cutting issues such as gender, HIV and AIDS can be addressed through ECD indicator indices.
  • Provide ECD monitoring case studies.
  • Suggest possible qualitative and quantitative indicators to monitor the development and implementation of holistic ECCE policies and programmes.

Based on the study findings, the report aims to provide guidance to countries in deciding on which indicators to use in their ECD policy planning and monitoring processes. It seeks to answer questions regarding the choice of indicators in all world regions such as:

  • What ECD indicators are countries attempting to measure?
  • What topics do indicators address?
  • What clusters of ECD indicators can be discerned?
  • Which ECD indicators are most frequently used?


Click here to view the UNESCO report.