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Department of Basic Education publishes standards for statistics

The Minister of Basic Education has published the Standard for the Publication of Education Statistics in Government Gazette No. 35527 (17 July 2012). The purpose of the Standard is to specify the rules for the publication of education statistics by the Department of Basic Education and the provincial education departments (PEDs). The objective is to ensure the publication of only authentic and approved education statistics.

All statistics must be approved by the national EMIS officers and/or the heads of the PEDS before publication. In addition, every education publication must have its own dissemination plan which clearly identifies the number of copies to be printed, the distribution channels to be used, and the standard list of recipients. The Standard obliges the publication of all reports with ISBNs on the internal and external websites of the DBE and the PEDs.

The Standard further requires: an advance release calendar for all education publication that have an ISBN number; that all final education statistics be published within 12 months of the survey date; that the publications be released to all users on the date specified in the advance release calendar; and that all education publications include a minimum level of metadata and technical specifications such as definitions of concepts and terms, scope, classifications, statistical methods and techniques, reference period, publication date, etc.


Click here to view the Standard.