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SAQA publishes Policy and Criteria for NQF registrations

SAQA published the Policy and Criteria for the Registration of Qualifications and Part-Qualifications on the NQF for public comment. Commentary is to be received by 31 August 2012. The objectives of the NQF are to contribute to individual learner as well as national social and economic development through: creating a single integrated national framework for learning achievements; facilitating access to, and mobility and progression within education, training and career paths; enhancing the quality of education and training; and accelerating the redress of past unfair discrimination in education, training and employment opportunities.

The NQF is a single integrated system which comprises of three co-ordinated qualifications sub-frameworks for: General and Further Education and Training; Higher Education; and Trades and Occupations contemplated in the Skills Development Act. SAQA and the Quality Councils must develop and maintain a framework for the recognition of learning achievements and qualifications, ensure that qualifications are of an acceptable quality and are internationally comparable, and develop policy and criteria for the registration of qualifications based on the “fitness and suitability of the qualification … for its intended purpose and advancement of the objectives of the NQF”.

This policy sets out the requirements that SAQA will apply when it registers qualifications on the NQF. The objectives of the policy and criteria are, inter alia, to: facilitate the registration of qualifications that meet the policy criteria; ensure that qualifications are relevant to the world of work and promote responsible citizenship in a democratic society and advance knowledge and innovation for a prosperous South Africa; support the coherence between education, training and national development; and support the development of a national career development system.


Click here to view the SAQA Policy and Criteria.