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Committee to probe standard of National Senior Certificate

The Minister of Basic Education has published the establishment of a Ministerial Committee to investigate the current promotion requirements and other related matters that impact on the standard of the National Senior Certificate.

The committee’s mandate is to investigate all facets of the National Senior Certificate and make recommendations on how the relevant matters can be addressed; to demonstrate to the public that the DOBE is committed to maintaining the credibility of the NSC; and to improve public perception of, and confidence in, the National Senior Certificate.

It is to fulfil this mandate by: establishing the main concerns relating to the NSC; conducting a comparative study of the promotion requirements of the NSC and other similar exit qualifications in a few countries of international repute; consulting with representatives in academia, the workplace, and the business environment to identify their concerns with the NSC and how these can be addressed; evaluating whether Mathematical Literacy should not rather be separated from Mathematics and the possibility of introducing a new level of mathematics; evaluating the Life Orientation subject; arranging public hearings; and making recommendations about key concerns.


Click here to view the ministerial announcement.