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SACMEQ releases policy briefs on status and quality of education

SACMEQ is a network of 15 ministries of education with the common aim of building national capacity to monitor and evaluate the quality of their basic education systems. South Africa has participated in two cross-nation studies of education systems – one in 2000, the other in 2007. The results of the 2007 study have been published by the Department of Basic Education.

This study, known as SACMEQ III, sought to review and track trends regarding the general conditions of schooling, the reading and mathematics achievement levels of grade 6 learners and their teachers, and the knowledge of learners and teachers of HIV and AIDS.

Click here to view a copy of SACMEQ III.  

A series of policy briefs documenting the outcomes of the 2007 study have been published on the DBE’s website. Click here to read the policy briefs.

The briefs include the following (some of which are discussed in more detail in this issue):

  • SACMEQ findings on the positive impact of pre-school exposure on academic achievement
  • SACMEQ findings on whether learners stigmatize HIV/AIDS-infected peers
  • SACMEQ findings on the quality of primary school inputs
  • Progress in gender equality in education
  • Learner and teacher knowledge of HIV and AIDS in South Africa
  • Trends in achievement levels of Grade 6 pupils in South Africa.