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Department of Health publishes human-resources strategy

The Department of Health has published its human resource strategy for the next four years. It addresses, inter alia, raising the education and the deployment of health care workers to ensure universal quality coverage of essential primary health care and other health services. One of the strategic priorities is to scale up and revitalise education, training and research. The objective is to ensure the revitalization of the production of a health workforce with the skills mix and competencies, ...

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Department of Health publishes annual performance plan

The Department of Health has published its Annual Performance Plan 2012/13 – 2014/15. The plan notes that: HIV-prevalence in the general population is 17,9% (5,575 million), and that of these, 2.05 million were adult females over the age of 15 years; 73% of TB patients are HIV-positive; interpersonal violence is the eight leading cause of years of lost life; and national HIV-prevalence amongst pregnant women increased from 0.7% in 1990 to 30,2% in 2010, with stark provincial variations. ...

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Department of Health publishes Aid Effectiveness Framework

The Department of Health has published a national framework to synergise activities and investments by development partners, civil society organisations, labour and business so that they may be more closely aligned with the priorities, goals and objectives of the department. The purpose of the framework is to ensure that all partners work together more effectively towards a single national health strategy. ...

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