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Special Rapporteur publishes report on women’s right to housing

The UN’s Special Rapporteur on Housing has published a report on women’s right to housing. The report is the product of worldwide consultations. Core concerns that emerged out of the consultations, and which were specific to Africa, include urbanisation, climate change, low literacy levels, and the rising number of female-headed households.

The report recognises that advances have been made, but that there is still much to be done through the development of gender-sensitive housing law, policy and programme development. It provides guidance on what these developments should contain in order to women’s right to adequate housing. Developments should make sure that women:

  • Enjoy security of tenure.
  • Have access to available services, materials, facilities and infrastructure.
  •  Can access housing in a safe location which allows access to the economy and services.
  • Have access to affordable housing that is habitable and culturally adequate.

The report also calls for better awareness-raising and public education on the right, adequate legal enforcement of the right and sufficient budget to effectively realise the right.


Click here to view the report on women’s right to housing.