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President assents to the Protection from Harassment Act

The President has assented to the Protection from Harassment Act in Government Gazette No. 34818, 5 December 2011. This act is therefore now in effect.

The Act defines Harassment as any act, whether direct or indirect, that (1) causes harm, or inspires the reasonable belief that harm may be caused by unreasonably following or otherwise pursuing a person; verbally or electronically communicating; or sending of posting letters of other item; or (2) amounts to sexual harassment.

In the event of harassment, a victim may apply to court for a protection order. In addition to the power to grant a protection order, the court may order an electronic communications company to provide relevant information about a sender and the communications sent; it may order an investigation in the name and address of an alleged perpetrator and may order the seizure of weapons.

In terms of the Act, harassment constitutes and offence and an offender is liable to a fine or imprisonment not exceeding five years.


Click here to view the Protection from Harassment Act.