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UN Special Representative on Violence against Children publishes third report

The UN’s Special Representative on Violence against Children has published her third Report (January 2012) in which she reviews key developments and initiatives that have promoted the protection of children against violence.

She also identifies the priority areas requiring special attention at a national level to improve protection for children against all forms of violence.

Some of the priority issues covered in the report include the following:

  • The development of national integrated strategies to prevent and eliminate all forms of violence against children. The report emphasises the need for a plan that ensure that all government departments, agencies and stakeholders mainstream the prevention of violence against children in their policies and programmes; that defines roles and responsibilities; and that is adequately funded to ensure implementation.
  • The lack of good data and research inhibits proper planning and policy-making. The report calls for the consolidation of research and the development of national data systems to allow for consistent and regular collection of all data pertaining to violence against children.
  • Schools and the education system more broadly have a critical role to play in effective national prevention of violence against children through education and the provision of support to vulnerable children through the school setting.


Click here to view the UN Special Representative’s report.