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UN spotlight on criminal justice responses to violence against women

The UN’s Economic and Social Council has published the report, “Strengthening crime prevention and criminal justice responses to violence against women”. The report finds that violence against women is a concern for all countries. Most countries have adopted legislation to prevent it, have trained officials, have support service mechanisms in place, have developed comprehensive policies and strategies to address the problem.

In 2010 the General Assembly adopted resolution 65/228 which called on Member States to strengthen their crime prevention and criminal justice responses to violence against women by, inter alia: adopting an active policy of mainstreaming gender issues into all policies, advancing effective crime prevention and criminal justice strategies to address violence against women; promoting the empowerment of women and gender equality; and strengthening coordination in their activities around violence against women.

Pursuant to adopting the resolution, all Member States were requested to provide information on their national responses to violence against women: 29 Member States complied, and this report analyses their responses.

The report recommends, inter alia, that Member States:

  • include women in the design of programmes to prevent violence against women;
  • engage in continual review and strengthening of policies and programmes using the UN’s Model Strategies and Practical Measures on the Elimination of Violence against Women in the Field of Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice;
  • provide appropriate assistance to women victims of violence through the establishment of a multi-disciplinary, coordinated response to sexual assault; and
  • strengthen data collection.


Click here to view the UN report.