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About The Regulatory Roundup

The Regulatory Roundup is an update on legal, policy and regulatory changes impacting on:

  • children's socio-economic rights, child justice rights, child protection rights;
  • gender rights;
  • socio-economic rights, including health, housing, social security, education, nutrition, basic
  • services and related rights; and,
  • the service delivery foundation embedded in the right to administrative justice and access to
  • information.

Information is sourced from:

  • national Government Gazettes as they are published;
  • judgments made by the Constitutional, Supreme, High and Labour Courts of South Africa; and,
  • media statements and other public utterances made by Ministers and leaders of public bodies
  • such as the SAHRC and the Public Protector.

Special Rapporteur publishes report on women’s right to housing

The UN’s Special Rapporteur on Housing has published a report on women’s right to housing. The report is the product of worldwide consultations. Core concerns that emerged out of the consultations, and which were specific to Africa, include urbanisation, climate change, low literacy levels, and the rising number of female-headed households. ...

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Participation strengthened by UN Resolution on Social Integration

Thanks to the Children’s Participation Network for sharing a copy of the UN’s Special Resolution on Social Integration and highlighting the positive impact of this on children’s participation. The Resolution 66/122 – Promoting social integration through social inclusion calls upon States to ensure access for all to services and participation in decision-making. ...

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RIATT-SA publishes a guide on children’s participation in policy making

Thanks to the Children’s Participation Network for sharing a copy of “Reflecting on Child and Youth Participation: A publication for programmers and policy makers in East and Southern Africa”. Written by Glynis Clacherty and Rachel Bray, this useful guide provides a review of participatory methodologies involving children and youth in the policy-making process. ...

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