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About The Regulatory Roundup

The Regulatory Roundup is an update on legal, policy and regulatory changes impacting on:

  • children's socio-economic rights, child justice rights, child protection rights;
  • gender rights;
  • socio-economic rights, including health, housing, social security, education, nutrition, basic
  • services and related rights; and,
  • the service delivery foundation embedded in the right to administrative justice and access to
  • information.

Information is sourced from:

  • national Government Gazettes as they are published;
  • judgments made by the Constitutional, Supreme, High and Labour Courts of South Africa; and,
  • media statements and other public utterances made by Ministers and leaders of public bodies
  • such as the SAHRC and the Public Protector.

SAHRC equality report tackles ongoing discrimination

The SAHRC has published its 2012 Equality Report, “Commentaries on Equality: Race, Gender, Disability and LGBTI Issues”. The report examines the status of the right to substantive equality for especially marginalised groups of people in South Africa – with a focus on equality of results and equality of opportunity. ...

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Policy framework for transforming State Legal Service is published for comment

The Department of Justice and Constitutional Development has published “A Framework for the transformation of the State Legal Service: Opening the doors of access to equal and affordable justice for all”. The document is open for public comment until 30 November 2012. Comments should be directed to: The Director-General, for the attention of Advocate M Olwage, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by fax to 086 677 7342. ...

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